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Class Descriptions

Irish Dance Classes for Dancers of all Levels and Ages

Competitive Irish Dancing

Pre-Beginner/Wee Ones: This class is generally for beginner students ages 2-6, They will continue to dance as a pre-beginner until they are close to perfecting their 2 steps in Light Jig and Reel in time with the music. It is not uncommon for wee ones to spend 1-2 years at this level.  All dancers in grade K and younger will dance in the pre-show at the recital.

Beginner: Any dancer that has mastered their 2 steps in a Reel and Light Jig. Generally, these dancers compete only in Reel and Light Jig. Sometimes they will offer Slip Jig for the girls. Usually, students remain at this level for a calendar year – or until the teacher deems it necessary to move to the next level.

Adv Beginner:  An advanced beginner learns reels, light jigs and slip jigs and the focus of the classes are on timing, technique and posture.  Students will learn beginning hard shoe and the end goal is to be able to perform the traditional set dance St. Patrick’s Day in time with the music.

Novice: A dancer who demonstrates good technique with their advanced beginner steps and knowledge of a Traditional Set will move to novice with Teacher approval. The speed of the music gets slower and the intricacy of the steps are raised. Technique is very important at this level. Dancers at this level are eligible to compete at reels, light jigs, slip jigs, treble jigs, hornpipes and traditional sets.

Prizewinner:  Students begin to learn much harder moves and steps to prepare them for the Championship level of Irish Dance. Exhibiting good technique is crucial at this level.

Preliminary Championships/Open Championships: Once a dancer achieves this level, the LOQC Academy will further prepare your dancer to meet his/her goals in Irish Dance.

If you are a student enrolled at a different school and you are interested in switching to OGQ, please email Colleen at Please know, when you switch schools you will incur a 6 month ban on competition.


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