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Upcoming Events

O’Grady Quinlan has participated in several key events throughout the years. Here are just a few of them. Watch this space for upcoming events in the coming months.

January 25, 2018- O’Grady Quinlan performs at the Philadelphia Flyers

March 2nd, 2018- Willow Green Dance Out

March 9th- O’Grady Quinlan performs at the Lehigh Valley Phantoms

March 10th- Bloomsbury Fire Company

March 11th- Clinton, NJ St. Patrick’s Day Parade

March 16th- School Day Shows

March 16th- Allentown City Hall Flag Raising

March 16th- Allentown St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

March 17th- Community Day- Ag Hall Allentown (12-4)

March 17th- Red Stag Pub, Bethlehem- 4:30 PM

March 17th- Performance Sands Outlet Mall- 6 PM

March 17th- St. Joe’s Orefield- St. Patrick’s Day Party- 8 PM

March 18th- Allentown St. Patrick’s Day Parade

O’Grady Quinlan Academy loves to perform in our community across the Lehigh Valley, Western New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Book us for your upcoming event now!